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Monochrome is Patek Philippe Complications Replica a big fan of Armin Strom. We mean manufacturing, Patek Philippe Complications Replica and not just the integrated production of high-end watches like this. The watches combine haute horlogerie with skeletonization in a bold and sporty design. It's almost as if you could have the best of both worlds in one piece. We are Patek Philippe Complications Replica always delighted to share their new items, including the Armin Strom Gravity sailing Edition. This edition celebrates the second season of the Arminstrom Sailing Team.The Armin Strom Gravity Sailing Edition, based on the existing model, is a new version of the automatic, no-complication Gravity. Patek Philippe Complications Replica This watch is simple and easy to use, but it still has great features. This watch comes with an in-house movement that Armin Strom designed, conceived, and manufactured in their Biel / Bienne workshops. It has an automatic winding via microrotor, 5-day battery life, and plenty of decoration and skeletonization. The barrel can be seen at 1, the micro-rotor is at 5, Patek Philippe Complications Replica and the small second at 9. Finally, Armin Strom watches have a distinctive feature: the slightly off-centered display of hours and minutes.Patek Philippe Complications Replica

The Patek Philippe Replica Watches colors used for the strap, dial, and case of this Armin Strom Patek Philippe Complications Replica Gravity Sailing were different from those in the previous editions (Air Water Fire and Earth). This black PVD treatment is applied to the robust stainless steel case measuring 43.4mm. On the dial's side, orange accents are placed on the small Patek Philippe Complications Replicasecond indicator. The rest of the dial is either black (the ring that lasts for hours and minutes), or dark grey (the plates of the movement have ruthenium plating). The strap Patek Philippe Complications Replica is finished in matt black, with orange accents. These colors are a tribute for the catamaran racing that Armin Strom Sailing Team has been participating in, and which was fourth in the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour. This competition is held all over Europe.Patek Philippe Complications Replica

Armin Patek Philippe Replica Strom produced this limited edition commemorative Gravity Patek Philippe Complications Replica collection to celebrate the Armin Strom Sailing Team's second season. He also gave Flavio Marazzi, the skipper of the team, the first 32 watches made for the Patek Philippe Complications Replica series. Marazzi, the skipper and helmsman of the Armin Strom Sailing Team, is Switzerland's most accomplished sailing competitor. He has also been a four-time Olympian and ambassador for Armin Strom.Let's be clear: the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance was the watch that most impressed us here at Monochrome Watches in 2016. And that's saying a lot Patek Philippe Complications Replica considering our level of snobbery. The watch is a perfect combination of a technical marvel, respect for watchmaking history and a classic manufacturing process. It also has a unchained appearance. The Armin Strom Patek Philippe Complications Replica Mirrored Force Resonance was previously only available in gold. Now, it is also available in stainless steel - primarily for its look but also for its wallet...Patek Philippe Complications Replica

We www.lreplica.com introduced you to the Armin Strom Mirroredforce Resonance in Patek Philippe Complications Replica November 2016. The execution is flawless and the technical solution is delicious. The watch's design is based upon the idea of resonance. It was first proposed by Christiaan Uygens. Astide Janvier, Abraham-Louis Breguet and Patek Philippe Complications Replica Francois-Paul Journe further explored this concept. (Now that's a long list of watchmakers with real talent). Only a few watchmakers could master the resonance effect. Two regulators are used to create harmony through the resonance effect. Each regulates the other's errors. This used to mean two independent gear trains, two independent oscillators and no mechanical Patek Philippe Complications Replica connection. The Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance makes this possible.Armin Strom Mirrored force resonance's caliber ARF15 has two oscillators, each connected by a steel resonance spring spring. The spring studs connect to the balance spring. This spring functions in a similar way to Huygens' wooden beam, but with 21st-century technology. The spring's tiny Patek Philippe Complications Replica vibrations combine the two balance wheels. This revolutionary, patent-pending mechanism allows the oscillators to sync while simultaneously making revolutions in opposing directions. To maximize accuracy, the two balances create a parallel rhythm in opposite directions.Patek Philippe Complications Replica