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Is it Rolex Replica Watches possible to wear a skull on a pilot/instrument watch? It seems Rolex Replica Watches strange. It's something Bell & Ross has done for many years. This motif is actually somewhat related to aviation (and this BR01 isn't a pirate watch). These Skull B&R Skulls (the first Skull was introduced in 2009), pay tribute to the legendary Rolex Replica Watches parachutists from Second World War whose logo featured a skull with the words "Death from Above". This DNA is used in the new Bell & Ross BR01 Burning Skull, which was even tattooed directly onto its case.The presence of a skull on a Bell & Ross BR01 Rolex Replica Watches watch's dial is not new, as we mentioned. Bell & Ross first introduced the BR01 Skull in 2009. The second version, "Airborne", followed. The brand presented two watches with this motif on the dial in 2015. The first was a unique BR01 Skull Bronze Rolex Replica Watches Tourbillon For Only Watch. The second was very similar in design and materials to the first, the BR01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon for Only Watch. It was a regular production piece without the tourbillon. Some might be asking themselves a valid question: Why would a skull appear on the dial of a watch that is instrument-inspired? This skull is trendy or not? The BR01 Skull watches have a Rolex Replica Watches deep connection to military roots. The Skull is a tribute to North American parachutists who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944, the D-Day. It was the 101st and 82nd American airborne divisions.Rolex Replica Watches

The Patek Philippe Replica Watches legendary Jolly Rogers still appears on military equipment such Rolex Replica Watches as uniforms, emblems, and planes. We can't deny that there is a connection between the Army and this skull, regardless of whether or not you like it on your watch dial. This is why the Bell & Ross BR01 Burning Skull Tattoo has such a form. Rolex Replica Watches Crossbones are placed near the skull head in military representations. They can be seen on the case around the opening of it and encircling the screws that hold the BR01 together. To conclude with the military/death representations, the hands on B&R Skull watches always show a sword or a dagger. These are two traditional military motifs. The Bell & Ross BR01 Burning Skull could Rolex Replica Watches be seen as trendy, however, it's all about military-inspirations, just different ones...You might be wondering why the watch is called BR01 Burning Skull Tattoo. This watch actually has its DNA directly engraved onto the case. The skull isn't the only unique decoration on this watch. The dial's entire case is fully engraved in Rolex Replica Watches tattoo-style designs. The flame motifs on the dial can be easily identified - this is a very traditional type of tattoo. There are subtle motifs scattered throughout the case, however.Rolex Replica Watches

You best replica watches will find small engravings at the four edges of the case. These Rolex Replica Watches include a heart, rose, a scythe, and hourglass, all in tribute to tattooing. These patterns cover the entire Bell & Ross BR01 burning skull "Tattoo" case. Both the casebands as well as the caseback display flames, small skulls, and other inscriptions typical Rolex Replica Watches to B&R watches.The machine engraving of the stainless steel case is used to create the recessed patterns. A manual engraving would have been too difficult, especially on the hardened steel and expensive. However, the black lines can be achieved by using a very "tattoo-like" method. Each line is manually filled with black ink/varnish using a stylus. It's just like a tattoo artist decorating your skin. The lacquer is fixed by firing the piece several times in the Rolex Replica Watches oven. The case is very contrasty and detailed, with the metallic steel and shiny black lacquer highlighting the details.Rolex Replica Watches

The Rolex Replica Watches rest of the Bell & Ross BR01 Burning Skull is faithful to the Rolex Replica Watches original Skull watches by the Parisian brand. The dial features a large 3D skull that takes center stage. It is set on a matte Rolex Replica Watches black background and covered with a stamped metal skull. This is the same process used for coins. To create a strong effect at night, the black areas of this dial are actually painted with Luminova. The traditional BR01 case measures 46x46mm and has an automatic movement inside (ETA based), which displays the Rolex Replica Watches hours and minutes. The case is completed by a brown alligator strap and an additional black fabric band.Rolex Replica Watches